Snow White and the Seven Summer Movies

Snow White and the Seven Summer movies has gotten over 12,000 hits on youtube and 3,330 views on Funny or Die in just two days! 

It was tweeted about by Jeff Sneider of Variety, Peter Naylor (EVP of Digital Media at Universal) and Seth Grahame Smith who wrote Abraham Lincoln and Dark Shadows. It is currently on the main page of Funny or Die.

Articles have been written on:

Deadline: Nikki Finke writes “…Featuring writer/ lead actress Genevieve Farrell…it made me laugh twice. These days, that’s a lot.”

Jest Comedy writes ”Genevieve Farrell pushes the character’s Hollywood success to a whole new level for a lot of laughs”

Crushable: “The conceit of Genevieve Farrell‘s hilarious video, starring her as Snow in a bevy of cameos. This kind of pop-culture commentary is hard to pull off, because it has to have the confidence to pull off jokes specific enough to appeal to fans of each of the genres you’re parodying. And she does it wonderfully”!

Global Grind “This video gives us a whole new feel on this summer’s movies, in a good way. Actress Genevieve Farrell puts a Snow White spin on movies like The Dictator, Ted, The Expendables 2, Battleship, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and many more.”

Momveration: Featured on their homepage.

Funny or Die Blog

HahaJK “Hope you own stock in diapers because you are going to sh*t your pants when you see Snow White take on aliens and criminals.”

So excited everyone is enjoying the film!



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